How to Boost Your Libido

Not feeling as lusty as you'd like? Do yourself and your partner a favor by regaining your sexual desire naturally.

You will need

  • Gangster movie
  • Steam room
  • Almonds
  • Exercise
  • Sex
  • Vitamin E-rich foods (optional)
  • Sweaty men (optional)

Step 1 Watch gangster movies Skip the romantic comedies and watch a gangster movie. In one experiment, guys who watched The Godfather: Part II experienced a 30 percent rise in testosterone levels.

Step 2 Hit the steam room Hit the steam room; it can increase blood flow to sexual organs.

Step 3 Nibble on nuts Nibble on almonds. They are chock full of vitamin E, which may aid hormone production and promote blood vessel relaxation, which helps male and female sex drive.

Step 4 Start an exercise program Get regular workouts: exercise stimulates blood flow and reduces fatigue and stress, 2 of the top reasons that people lose their desire for sex in the first place.

Step 5 Have more sex Have more sex, even if you’re not in the mood. Research has shown that when people begin foreplay, their excitement grows — even if they were initially just going through the motions.