How to Make a Wish on an Eyelash

Eyelashes on cheeks are rare finds -- mark the moment with a wish.

You will need

  • Willing participant
  • Loose eyelash

Step 1 Hunt for lashes Hunt for a stray eyelash on a cheek or nose, yours or someone else’s.

Step 2 Declare your find Declare that you have found an eyelash once you spot one on someone and then request the pleasure of removing it.

Step 3 Grasp it Grasp the eyelash between your thumb and forefinger and gently lift it off the person’s cheek.

Step 4 Request a wish Encourage the person whose eyelash you have grabbed to make a wish.

Step 5 Blow it off Ask the person to blow the eyelash off your finger once they make their wish. Let’s hope it comes true!