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How to Date and Feel Great

Dating can be a blast, but all those dinners, drinks, and late nights can also be hard on your health. With a few tips, you can keep unhealthy habits in check without losing any of the heat.


  • : While this video is awesome, it didn't go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.
  • Step 1: Work it out Get thee to a gym! There's no better workout motivator than a date -- aside from the physical and emotional health benefits, regular exercise can also enhance arousal in women and decrease sexual dysfunction in men.
  • Step 2: Win with wine Forget the beer and fruity umbrella drinks and have a glass of red wine -- it's loaded with antioxidants. Plus, you'll look much classier holding a wine glass than sipping from a giant frozen margarita.
  • Step 3: Diversify at dinner At dinner, offer to share a few small plates with your date. You'll practice portion control and get your veggies -- without the stigma of ordering a salad.
  • TIP: If you can't resist dessert, split a little dark chocolate with your date -- experts believe it may help prevent heart disease.
  • Step 4: Hit the town Suggest activities that get you up and moving. You'll get your blood pumping and enjoy a much more intimate experience than sitting with 50 other people, staring at a movie screen.
  • Step 5: Unlock the passion When you make your move, kiss your date deeply -- researchers have found that locking lips with passion can increase your metabolic rate significantly. Plus, steamy smooching lets your date know just how much you want to see them again.
  • FACT: A neuroscience researcher found that social isolation and loneliness predispose people to premature aging.

You Will Need

  • Workout routine
  • Red wine
  • Small plates
  • Physical activities
  • Passion
  • Dark chocolate (optional)

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