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How to Make a Zombie Costume

Want to give people a real fright this Halloween? Few costumes inspire as much terror as the dreaded zombie!


  • Step 1: Rip your clothes Make your costume look like it's come back from the dead. Tear your clothes in a few different places. Then, liberally spread fake blood on them to show that you've already enjoyed a few meals of human flesh.
  • Step 2: Go for the face "Create a shriveled look for your face":; stuff your cheeks with cotton balls and cover the skin with a few thin layers of liquid latex. Keep your cheeks full while the latex dries. Then, remove the cotton and watch as the dried latex wrinkles to make your skin look dead.
  • TIP: Shave and moisturize any skin before applying liquid latex to make removal easier.
  • Step 3: Go for the ghoul Apply at least 2 coats of white, water-based makeup to any exposed skin to give yourself a deathly pall. Then, apply light-blue, water-based makeup to any fleshy areas and dark- blue makeup to any portion of your skin you want to look hollowed out.
  • Step 4: Get wounded Give yourself some gory wounds. Use liquid latex to create raised and torn looking skin. Then, dab purple, red, and brown acrylic paint to color the outside of the gash and spread fake blood inside the wound to make it look fresh.
  • TIP: You can also enhance your costume with store-bought zombie prosthetics.
  • Step 5: Walk the walk Perfect the zombie limp -- keep one leg straight while dragging your other foot along the ground -- and take to the streets. Moan loudly and speak in a halting monotone about your desire for human flesh; being rudely woken up from eternal slumber would make anyone hungry!
  • FACT: In 2009, 13,597 people in Mexico City set a world record by simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson's zombie-themed hit, "Thriller."

You Will Need

  • Clothes and props
  • Fake blood
  • Cotton balls
  • Liquid latex
  • White
  • light blue
  • and dark blue water-based makeup
  • Purple
  • red
  • and brown acrylic paint
  • Razor (optional)
  • Moisturizer (optional)
  • Zombie prosthetics (optional)

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