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How to Be an Alpha Wife

Do you bring home the bacon, but your husband fries it up in the pan? You may have what it takes to be an alpha wife.


  • Step 1: Marry a Beta man Get yourself a "Beta husband" -- a man who cedes the power in the relationship to you.
  • Step 2: Make a lot of money Have a job that pays well. You'll need it, because Beta men are rarely high earners. In fact, they tend to be as indifferent to their careers as you are dedicated to yours.
  • TIP: Beta men can also be passionate about a career that pays nothing. Think "starving artist."
  • Step 3: Be a control freak Be a control freak. Alpha wives take on a lot of responsibility -- at home and at work -- because if they don't, it won't get done, or it won't be done right. At least that's what they think.
  • Step 4: Be adept at multitasking Be adept at keeping a lot of balls in the air: Alpha women are champion multitaskers.
  • Step 5: Let him be a stay-at-home dad If you have children, have your husband stay home with them. Make sure he does the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and laundry, too.
  • Step 6: Don't abuse your power Be a benevolent dictator. If you aren't, you just might find yourself an Alpha divorcee.
  • FACT: A woman's ability to hold a job matters more to 21st-century men than her age, previous marriages, religion, or race, according to one study.

You Will Need

  • Deferential husband
  • Well-paying job
  • Controlling nature
  • Multitasking skills
  • Benevolence

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