How to Rock a Bald Head

Curse your hair loss if you want, but with a few steps, you can sport a look that truly shines.

You will need

  • Confidence
  • Electric trimmer or razor
  • Sunscreen
  • Shaving cream (optional)
  • Body lotion or baby oil (optional)
  • Stylish hats (optional)

Step 1 Go for it Have confidence in your appearance — you’ve lost your hair, not your mojo. Forget the comb-over, roll up the rug, and come to terms with your changing hairline.

Step 2 Make it smooth Once you’ve embraced your baldness, go for broke. Either buzz your hair down with an electric trimmer or take it all off with a shaving razor.

Step 3 Shine on Put some effort into your appearance and keep that pate moisturized. Use a product designed to give you a slick sheen, or spread a little body lotion or baby oil on your head daily.

Step 4 Protect it Wear sunscreen or a hat when you’re outdoors to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, which, in addition to other health risks, can roughen up your head’s smooth surface.

Step 5 Get into it Make the most of opportunities to use that smooth surface; on Halloween, go as a well-known bald celebrity, historical figure, athlete, or mascot.

Step 6 Keep it up Keep up with your grooming and head care — the secret to rocking any look is owning it and being proud of who you are.