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How to Freestyle Rap

If you wanna freestyle, you gotta have flow. Underground or mainstream, here are tips to know.


  • Step 1: Use familiar rhymes Start simple, don’t get crazy; Who cares if others think you're lazy? Rhyme cat, hat like you're 5 years old, But you'll still flow hot lava while their rhymes go cold.
  • Step 2: Make references Come on, get a clue. Look at everything that you've got around you. Think something's funny, that it merits your time? Let it ride like Cronkite; give a piece of your mind.
  • TIP: Maintain a solid knowledge of current events. Stars, sports, polls -- they're all ripe for comment.
  • Step 3: Plan ahead Now you know what to do, Then figure out what you can rhyme to. Be a chess master - 10 moves ahead, If you're not always planning, your flow will stop dead.
  • Step 4: Freestyle freely Free up rhyme and meter of flow; You're writing real time, not Dante's Inferno. Hack your way through verbal thorns and thistles. Forget that guy Webster -- think "fo' shizzle my nizzle."
  • TIP: Throw in similes to be at your best --They can get a crowd buzzing like you kicked a wasp’s nest.
  • Step 5: Have some fallbacks Store a few lines in back Of your mind for when you think you've gotten off track. You can find some solace when the rapping is on By having go-to's like, "Whatcha think a that, son?"
  • Step 6: Practice Don’t rely on tricks,don't do it just for kicks; To be a freestyler, sit down and practice.
  • FACT: DJ Kool Herc, in 1973, Broke beats and fathered hip-hop in New York City.

You Will Need

  • Rhymes
  • Beats
  • Confidence

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