How to Get Puppies to Sleep

Train your puppy to sleep through the night and you might finally get a full night's rest, too.

You will need

  • Feeding schedule
  • Exercise
  • Puppy bed or crate
  • Hot water bottle or heating pad

Step 1 Set a feeding schedule Get your puppy on a regular feeding schedule and follow it strictly so you’ll know when your puppy needs to take care of his business.

Step 2 Give him exercise Give your puppy plenty of exercise during the day. Go for a walk after work or play fetch in the yard. Wind things down with a more gentle activity, like brushing or petting, close to bedtime.

Step 3 Take them out Take the puppy outside right before bedtime, even if they don’t have to go. They’ll eventually learn what’s expected of them.

Step 4 Set up his bed Set up a bed or crate in your bedroom, preferably next to your bed. The puppy will take sleeping cues from you when it’s time for lights out.

Step 5 Expect interruptions Expect that the puppy won’t be able to make it through the night for awhile. If they cry, go out for a potty break immediately and then return the puppy directly to bed. Eventually, they’ll be able to hold it longer. Don’t play with them or they’ll wake you up each time they want to get frisky.

Step 6 Soothe the puppy Make a new puppy feel more at home by placing a hot water bottle or heating pad under a blanket in their sleeping area to imitate their litter mates. Soon both the puppy — and you! — will sleep like a baby.