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How to Get a Notary Public License

Notaries are public servants authorized by states to witness oaths. You can provide a valuable service to your community by becoming a notary public.


  • Step 1: Find out your state's requirements Determine the eligibility requirements in your state. While requirements vary, generally a candidate must be at least 18 years old, live or work in the state in which they wish to be licensed, and be able to read, write, and speak English.
  • Step 2: Fill out an application Complete and submit an application to become a notary. Applications are available through state government offices and from the National Notary Association. Most applications require a picture, letters of reference, the mark of your notary seal, and a surety bond.
  • TIP: Many resources are available through the National Notary Association website at
  • Step 3: Study Attend a seminar, take a class, or follow a study guide to prepare yourself for the exam. Education and training classes are frequently offered through state governments as well as through several notary associations.
  • Step 4: Pass the test Pass your notary exam and take your oath of office before a notary or other authorized individual.
  • Step 5: Buy your stamp Purchase your notary stamp or seal. Stamps, seals, record books, and other supplies valuable for notaries public are available through many notary public associations.
  • Step 6: Renew your license after expiration Make note of your license's expiration date. Most notary public licenses are valid for 4 years, after which, you can renew your license.
  • FACT: The origin of public notaries dates back to ancient Rome.

You Will Need

  • State requirements
  • Application
  • Seminar
  • class
  • or study guide
  • Exam
  • Stamp
  • Renewal application

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