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How to Look Up a Medical License

Want to where and when you doctor received their medical license? A little digging is all it takes.


  • Step 1: Obtain the physician's name and address Obtain the name and address of the physician whose license you want to look up.
  • Step 2: Check with the state medical board Check with the medical board in the state where the doctor practices to find out whether his or her license is valid. Physician licensing is state-specific.
  • TIP: The American Medical Association, or AMA, maintains links to the medical boards in all 50 states on its website.
  • Step 3: Check certification Check which specialties the physician is certified in. The American Board of Medical Specialties, or ABMS, makes this information available on its website, Now you can make an appointment with confidence.
  • FACT: Life expectancy in the United States is 75 years for males and 80 years for females.

You Will Need

  • Physican's name and address
  • State medical board
  • ABMS website
  • AMA website (optional)

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