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How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Her

Keep love in the air by finding her the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. A little pampering could really spice up your romance.


  • Step 1: Give a love note or card Slip a love note or card under her pillow. A card is the most popular gift for Valentine's Day -- and because women buy the most greeting cards, she probably already got you one.
  • Step 2: Pamper her Pamper her with a spa retreat. A manicure, facial, and a massage will definitely win her heart.
  • TIP: Couple retreats are also available, so you can share the experience.
  • Step 3: Make her day Put sparkle in her day with gemstone earrings, a tennis bracelet, or a heart-shaped pendant. Remember -- diamonds are a girl's best friend.
  • Step 4: Keep her glimmering forever Keep her glimmering forever by naming a star after her. The gift can lead to an evening out -- grab a blanket and star gaze!
  • TIP: Search online for a company that names stars.
  • Step 5: Give her designer wear Make her friends jealous by giving her a designer handbag, watch, or sunglasses.
  • Step 6: Share a romantic night Put a smile on her face by sharing a romantic night together at a bed and breakfast or at a local hotel. Order some strawberries and champagne for dessert.
  • Step 7: Rent a limousine Rent a limousine and take her out on the town. Flirt with her and give her compliments to make her feel special. Spending time together is the best gift.
  • FACT: Men choose more serious and romantic cards than women.

You Will Need

  • Card
  • Spa retreat
  • Jewelry
  • Star
  • Designer wear
  • Getaway
  • Strawberries
  • Champagne
  • Limousine

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