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How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him

It's not always the guy's job to provide the romance in your relationship. Make Valentine's Day memorable by finding the perfect gift for him.


  • Step 1: Give a handheld organizer Give him a handheld organizer. Not only is it handy technology for him, but you'll make sure he is always on time for future dates.
  • Step 2: Give grooming products Keep him looking his best by giving him grooming products. Pay attention to the scents he enjoys wearing.
  • TIP: Cologne, skin cream, and shaving products are good options.
  • Step 3: Stock his bar Stock his bar or man cave with his favorite drinks and bar supplies.
  • Step 4: Give a subscription Give him a subscription to a sports or business magazine to show you support his interests.
  • TIP: Autographed sports memorabilia is also a great option if you can find it.
  • Step 5: Keep him trendy Keep him trendy and feeling confident by giving him a fashionable jacket, warm gloves, or a wallet.
  • Step 6: Give movies Surprise him with a collection of his favorite movies. Guys like movie nights better when they like the movie!
  • Step 7: Slip a note or card Slip a note or card under his pillow to add some surprise to the holiday. Have a happy Valentine's Day!
  • FACT: Over 80 percent of greeting cards are purchased by women.

You Will Need

  • Handheld organizer
  • Grooming products
  • Drinks
  • Bar supplies
  • Magazine subscription
  • Trendy accessories
  • Movies
  • Love note
  • Card
  • Autographed memorabilia (optional)

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