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How to Write a Baby Shower Card

Finding just the right words to write in a baby shower card can be difficult. If you're at a loss for words, turn to these tried-and-true ideas.


  • Step 1: Give advice Give a nugget of light-hearted but practical advice about raising a baby if you're a parent. As long as your not too heavy-handed, prospective parents will appreciate your words of wisdom.
  • Step 2: Be cute Be cute. If the baby shower card you pick is on the cute side, write a message that focuses on the cuteness of the little one about to be born.
  • Step 3: Go the caring route Go the caring route by writing that nothing makes you happier than knowing how happiness the mom-to-be will experience from her bundle of joy.
  • Step 4: Look up poems and quotes Look online for poems and quotes about babies to include in your card.
  • Step 5: Share a laugh Share a laugh with a funny card, either by writing a quick, funny anecdote about your children or your childhood, or by including a humorous suggestion.
  • FACT: In ancient Greece, 10 days after delivering a baby, the community welcomed new babies into their communities with a feast for the family.

You Will Need

  • Baby shower card
  • Internet access


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