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How to Convince Your Mother to Let You Get a Dog

If you've dreamed of canine companionship but a stubborn parent is standing in your way, use this guide to champion all the benefits of a family dog.


  • Step 1: Research Research the right type of dog for your family and lifestyle as well as the cost of the license, shots, and other fees. Be as knowledgeable as possible.
  • TIP: Show off several possible options to get your mother interested and emotionally involved in picking a cute furry friend.
  • Step 2: Display responsibility Display enough responsibility to take care of a dog by keeping up with your chores, cleaning your room, and maintaining good grades in school.
  • Step 3: Talk about benefits Talk about the benefits of getting a dog such as security at home, friendship, and more time outside playing instead of lounging in front of the TV.
  • Step 4: Offer incentives Offer incentives such as chipping in for the cost, or ask for a dog as a gift for a birthday or for a major personal accomplishment like straight A's.
  • TIP: A part-time job will help with the costs of the dog and speak volumes on your commitment level.
  • Step 5: Counter negatives Think of possible reasons your mother doesn't want a dog and come up with counter arguments to keep her from saying no right away.
  • Step 6: Beg Beg as a last resort. If nothing's working, drop the topic, but bring it up periodically until a compromise is reached and a new puppy or dog is adopted.
  • FACT: The bloodhound, known for its keen sense of smell, is the only dog breed to have the evidence it collects allowed in a court of law.

You Will Need

  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance

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