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How to Wear Your Winter Clothes in Spring

As you transition into nicer weather, sneak some color and style out from underneath the puffy coats and snow boots.


  • Step 1: Sport lightweights Sport lightweight turtlenecks in early spring to reduce the bulk. Accessorize short-sleeved blouses or tank tops with winter scarves.
  • Step 2: Stay warm in tights Stay warm by pairing opaque tights and leggings with dresses and skirts as spring approaches.
  • TIP: Contrast bright with subdued clothes in early spring, waiting until the warm weather to break out all the jazzy designs and colors.
  • Step 3: Mix it up Pair a bright-colored blouse with a leather jacket. Change it up and couple a floral print dress under a short jacket. Complete the outfit with black tights and ankle boots, because it's still wet out there.
  • Step 4: Coordinate camisoles and shirts Wear a button shirt opened to display a coordinated colored camisole underneath, or a light spring undershirt. Try a camisole under a cardigan, over a tee, or the tee shirt over the camisole. Finish with jeans or a skirt.
  • Step 5: Loosen up Pair sandals and flats, wearing loose-fitting jersey racer-back tops for a carefree appeal.
  • Step 6: Jazz it up Jazz it up with dangling earrings, bold bracelets, sparkly bangles, chained necklaces, and big cocktail rings.
  • TIP: No matter how attractive the style, if the garments and layers add weight to your figure or age you, don't wear them.
  • Step 7: Choose a jacket Select an accentuating jacket over a short-sleeve blouse. Choose a jacket that complements body shape, ending at the waist for slender women, and a structured jacket ending at the thigh for curvy women. Now you can look forward to warmer weather in style!
  • FACT: "Crimplene," or polyester fabric, revolutionized clothing fashions when it was introduced in the 50s by enabling women to wear white and pastel colors that could be washed without yellowing.

You Will Need

  • Assortment of clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Self-awareness

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