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How to Get the Rewards a Heroic Mom Deserves

From mashing the peas to playing peekaboo … every day, you do hundreds of things for your baby that make you a hero in their eyes. Gifts to Grow recognizes all that you give by giving you something back. Here's how to start getting your well-deserved rewards.


  • Step 1: Crack the code Take a look around -- no doubt you've got a box of Pampers diapers, training pants, or wipes somewhere. Just look inside for the Gifts to Grow code -- a 15-character code.
  • TIP: Join the program The code will be located on a sticker that looks like this:
  • Step 2: Join the program Register for the Gifts to Grow rewards program on "":, and enter your codes. It's fast and easy.
  • Step 3: Rack 'em up Enter new codes at "": whenever you purchase Pampers products. You'll rack points up quickly since you earn them for diapers and wipes you're already buying!
  • Step 4: Redeem points Redeem the points for a gift for your baby or something special for yourself from the Gifts to Grow rewards catalog. You can even donate points to a favorite charity. For more information on the Gifts to Grow program, go to "":

You Will Need

  • Gifts to Grow account
  • Gifts to Grow codes

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