How to Surprise Him with a Great Valentine's Day Idea

Make this February 14 particularly memorable with one -- or all! -- of these suggestions.

You will need

  • Grand plan
  • Evening wear
  • Professional photo
  • Impressive gift
  • Wish fulfillment
  • Declaration of love
  • Photography student (optional)

Step 1 Woo him Instead of leaving the celebration up to him, plan something he’ll enjoy, give him a formal invitation, and insist on paying for the date. Most men can’t remember the last time they were wooed on Valentine’s Day.

Step 2 Dress up Unless it’s inappropriate for the activity, get all dolled up. 39 percent of men in one poll said they’d like to see their special someone in “semi-dressy evening wear” on Valentine’s Day.

Step 3 Give him a photo of yourself Give him a glamour shot of yourself taken by a professional photographer. If you’re in a long-term relationship with someone you trust, consider having tasteful nudes done.

Step 4 Give him bragging rights Spring for something that gives him bragging rights with his buddies.

Step 5 Fulfill a wish Think of an experience he’d love to have and make it happen; there are companies that specialize in fantasy wish fulfillment. Not sure what’s on his dream list? Ask his friends.

Step 6 Say "I love you" Say “I love you.” Amazingly, a study found that men are more eager to hear those three little words on Valentine’s Day than women are!