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How to Avoid the Worst Relationship Mistakes

Avoid hurting your mate -- or yourself -- by considering the ways relationships can falter.


  • Step 1: Seek stability Surround yourself with good, stable friends. Keeping up and socializing with old buddies can help you maintain the critical connection to good advice and needed perspectives.
  • TIP: Before starting a new relationship, make sure you are over your previous one.
  • Step 2: Discuss sexual problems Discuss and work on sexual problems rather than ignoring the destruction that can result. Seek to experiment and challenge discomforts rather than let things worsen.
  • Step 3: Pull back Pull back and recharge periodically, and don't be afraid to say no when life is getting confusing or too busy. Have some fun once in a while and turn off the brain.
  • Step 4: Stop yourself Stop yourself from rejecting the other person before -- as you might fear -- they reject you. Learn to accept yourself or your self-doubt and confusion may sink the relationship.
  • TIP: Forgive rather than nurture injured feelings. Sometimes we have to let cherished illusions go.
  • Step 5: Confront jealousy Confront jealousy before trust and intimacy are destroyed.
  • TIP: Everyone needs a degree of privacy, including the desire not to share past lives and relationships.
  • Step 6: Require trust first Earn trust and require the other to earn theirs before sharing your secrets and declaring feelings of love. Respect yourself and take time to know someone.
  • Step 7: Model healthy relationships Model a good, healthy relationship for the children. Keep children away from negative situations, such as a partner if you're planning on ending the relationship -- it will only make matters worse in the end.
  • FACT: In 2008, there were more than 27,000 marriage and family therapists in America.

You Will Need

  • Stability
  • Communication
  • Personal space
  • Restraint

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