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How to Get CPR Certification

If you are planning on being a lifeguard, babysitter, or just want to be useful in an emergency, you will need training in CPR.


  • Step 1: Search online for classes Search the internet for online courses or classes in your area.
  • TIP: The Red Cross and the American Heart Association websites allow you to search for classes by zip code.
  • Step 2: Call your local gym Call your local gym or municipal swimming pool. They may offer CPR courses that you can take.
  • Step 3: Register Register for the course that is most convenient for you. Attend the CPR classes and practice as instructed.
  • Step 4: Pass the test Pass the test required by CPR classes at the end of your instruction period. Make sure you get enough practice!
  • Step 5: Accept your certificate Accept your certification card from the instructor or supply the online course with your mailing information for the card to be sent to you. Blow, blow, push, and repeat.
  • FACT: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, was developed by surgeon and medical innovator Peter Safar in the 1960s. Up until then, cardiac arrest almost always meant death.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Gym or municipal swimming pool
  • Classes

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