How to Get HTML Code

HTML code is available for free in many places on the internet, or in handy pocket guides that you can buy from a bookstore or computer store.

You will need

  • Online tutorial
  • Search engine
  • Reference guide

Step 1 Learn the basics Learn the basics of HTML, including how to lay out a header and body, by searching for an online tutorial for beginners.

Step 2 Search the internet Search the internet for free HTML code that will help you design cool layouts, applications, and special effects.

Step 3 Search for color codes Enter “Hex codes” into a search engine to get color codes for hundreds of shades that you can use for fonts and backgrounds.

Step 4 Enhance with XHTML and CSS Enhance your website designs by using the more advanced XHTML code set or combining HTML with CSS style sheets as an option.

Step 5 Buy a reference guide Buy a reference guide of organized HTML tags and attributes if you want something you can make notes in. Options range from handy pocket guides to thick manuals full of design tips. Now create your own site!