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How to Prepare for the IQ Test

Before you measure your mental abilities, follow these steps to prepare your mind and body to make sure you receive the best score possible.


  • Step 1: Practice mental calculations Practice mental calculations. Do addition and subtraction in your head by regrouping numbers into divisions of 10. Even if there isn't any math on the test, mental calculations improve mental capability, speed of response, memory power, and concentration.
  • TIP: You will not be allowed to use calculators, pencils, or scratch paper to calculate answers for the test.
  • Step 2: Take practice tests Take practice tests, which are available online. This will help you increase your speed by recognizing patterns and the types of questions asked.
  • TIP: Speed is important -- IQ tests are timed.
  • Step 3: Determine how the test will be administered Determine how the test will be administered and the environment in which you will take the test to mentally prepare for the testing situation.
  • Step 4: Eat and sleep Eat a well-balanced meal before taking the test and get plenty of sleep the night before to allow your brain to function properly.
  • Step 5: Show up early Arrive early for the test, use the bathroom, and relax. IQ tests are a measure of your intelligence. While it is possible to slightly increase your score with these steps, you cannot increase your inherited IQ level.
  • FACT: The first IQ test was developed by psychologist Alfred Binet in 1904 to help identify children who needed special education.

You Will Need

  • Mental calculations
  • Internet access
  • Practice tests
  • Food
  • Rest
  • Punctuality

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