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How to Pick Clothes That Don't Scream "Motherhood"

Playdates, errands, work, and housework make kid-friendly clothes a necessity, but you don't have to look dowdy if you know these mom-friendly style tips.


  • Step 1: Wear athletic clothes Wear well-fitting athletic clothes that reflect your style. Even if you're not on your way to play tennis or do yoga, the clean lines and stretchy high-tech fabrics will hug your curves and make you look put-together.
  • Step 2: Put down the mom jeans Put down the mom jeans. If skinny jeans aren't in the cards either, look for great-fitting and stylish dark wash boot-cut jeans that have a little spandex in the fabric blend for comfort and wearability.
  • Step 3: Find other options Find other practical options, like leggings, print dresses, or longer skits you can easily sit, bend, and get down on the ground in. Go for natural fibers and colors that flatter your skin.
  • TIP: Avoid silk, cashmere, or anything "dry clean only."
  • Step 4: Opt for black or printed tops Opt for black tops, which always look chic. If your baby is still in the spitting-up stage, you may want to substitute printed tops that are great at camouflaging stains.
  • Step 5: Layer Wear layers. A tight-fitting black tank top is great under a shirt or long sweater to provide coverage when you're bending over the stroller and car seat.
  • Step 6: Go for great shoes Go for fashionable flats like ballerina flats or knee-high riding boots, which provide comfort, style, and can be worn with a variety of looks.
  • Step 7: Ditch the sweats Ditch anything oversized or baggy, stained clothing, pants that look like pajamas, or anything with an elastic waistband, or at least confine these looks to inside the house.
  • FACT: The average age of first-time mothers increased 3.6 years from 1970 to 2006, from 21.4 to 25 years.

You Will Need

  • Athletic clothing
  • Great-fitting jeans
  • Leggings
  • boot cut velour sweatpants
  • print dresses
  • or long skits
  • Black or printed tops
  • Black tank top
  • Ballerina flats or riding boots

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