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How to Wear a Boyfriend Blazer

Whether it's your guy's or your own, style your slouchy, oversized blazer so that you'll look polished and unmistakably feminine.


  • Step 1: Get the right size Make sure your boyfriend blazer isn't too long to avoid looking boxy and shapeless. If the bottom of the blazer falls below the bottom of your bottom, it's too long.
  • TIP: Look for one with a patterned or menswear-inspired sleeve lining that will show when you cuff the sleeves.
  • Step 2: Balance with slim pants Balance the volume of the blazer on top with a fitted skirt, skinny jeans, or leggings.
  • TIP: Add a belt on top of the blazer to define your waist if you're lost in it.
  • Step 3: Add a feminine top Add a feminine top underneath to contrast the masculinity of the blazer. Think a bit of lace, ruffles, or silk peeking out.
  • Step 4: Wear it with a dress Wear it with a mini-dress or flirty miniskirt and high heels for a night out.
  • Step 5: Think casual cool Think casual, toning down the seriousness of the blazer by rolling up or pushing up the sleeves and adding cuffed jeans and platform shoes. Enjoy the new addition to your wardrobe!
  • FACT: Woody Allen's 1977 film Annie Hall starring Diane Keaton launched a menswear-inspired trend in women's fashion.

You Will Need

  • Fitted skirt
  • skinny jeans
  • or leggings
  • Feminine top
  • Mini dress or miniskirt
  • Cuffed jeans and platform shoes
  • Belt (optional)

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