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How to Get Ahead at Work

Everybody has to struggle to be recognized and valued at work. Make it easier by following a few strategies for raising your profile.


  • Step 1: Declare your goals Declare your aspirations to get ahead at work without undermining anyone. Exhibit active attention to detail, an unquestionable work ethic, and loyalty.
  • Step 2: Take on more Take one for the team and assume additional responsibilities without being asked or asking for additional compensation.
  • Step 3: Network for support Network to build a support system of people who believe in your talents and reliability. Help people new to the organization to get up to speed.
  • TIP: Find a mentor, enroll in in-house classes, or get a higher degree.
  • Step 4: Get new tools Review advantages you bring to the table and the tools you'll need to acquire to get ahead. Do anything to get an edge.
  • Step 5: Focus on effects Focus on the quality of your work and find pleasure in doing it. Be a well-rounded, conscientious, and balanced employee.
  • TIP: Listen respectfully, be nice, and consider others in everything you do.
  • Step 6: Improve inefficiencies Improve organizational inefficiencies -- streamline procedures, shave costs, and create new revenue streams.
  • TIP: Before initiating anything, run your ideas by a trusted colleague and then present them to the boss.
  • Step 7: Manage and delegate Manage your time and delegate responsibilities to avoid burning out. Limit meeting time by using e-mail, individual interactions, and voicemail.
  • Step 8: Motivate others Motivate the people around you and don't step on anyone on your way up the corporate ladder.
  • FACT: Almost 2/3 of participants in an online survey complained that their workplace's tyrant was rarely restrained or censured, and often promoted!

You Will Need

  • Aspirations
  • Team spirit
  • Support system
  • Balance
  • Organizational skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Motivation techniques
  • Mentor (optional)
  • Classes (optional)
  • Degree (optional)
  • Respect and consideration (optional)
  • Trusted colleague (optional)

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