How to Get Pictures from a Phone to a Computer

Phones aren't just for making calls anymore -- they're also cameras. If you have pictures stuck on your phone, you can transfer them to the photo album on your computer.

You will need

  • Syncing software
  • USB cable
  • Bluetooth or infrared
  • Memory card
  • Card reader
  • Adapter
  • Backup plan
  • Data plan

Step 1 Use syncing software Install syncing software on your computer. Syncing software comes with a cable that lets you connect your phone to your computer.

Step 2 Use a USB cable Use a USB cable with a phone that has a USB port. You will need a cable with connector ends that fit your phone and computer.

Step 3 Transfer the pictures via wireless Transfer the pictures wirelessly using Bluetooth or infrared transfer if your phone has Bluetooth or infrared capabilities and can connect to your computer.

Step 4 Get a card reader Get a USB card reader if your phone stores pictures to a memory card. Insert the card into the card reader and then into your computer. You can use an adapter to fit smaller memory cards.

Step 5 Add a backup plan Add an online backup plan to your phone plan. An online backup plan automatically backs up the pictures you take for an additional cost each month.

Step 6 E-mail the pictures E-mail the pictures to yourself from the phone if your phone has e-mail capability. Attach the pictures to an e-mail and send them to yourself. Then download the pictures to your computer.

Step 7 Look at your pictures Enjoy looking at your pictures on a larger screen, and print them from your computer.