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How to Give Dating Advice

If cupid has failed to find a mate for a friend or family member, you can provide some words of wisdom to the loveless.


  • Step 1: Do your homework Learn what modern dating is like, especially if you've been out of the game for a while, to give the best and most accurate advice.
  • TIP: It's OK to draw from your own experience, too.
  • Step 2: Use humor Use humor to break the ice and lighten the mood or tell your own embarrassing dating story to show them that you can relate to their situation.
  • Step 3: Be involved and open If you're offering advice to a teen, let them know you're free to talk, but don't force an awkward conversation. Let them come to you to ask questions.
  • Step 4: Be available Be available when a friend or family member needs you. Only offer advice if they are not too upset to hear what you're saying without reacting defensively.
  • Step 5: Discuss basic etiquette Discuss dating etiquette and the ups and downs of relationships, but never assume they know only the basics.
  • Step 6: Make it private Make the conversation private and deliver your sage advice calmly and quietly to avoid embarrassment. Be encouraging, and let them know that you understand how frustrating dating can be.
  • FACT: A 2008 poll found the average couple will date for almost 3 years before getting engaged.

You Will Need

  • Humor
  • Involvement
  • Availability
  • Privacy
  • Experience (optional)

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