How to Organize a Phone Bank

If you're looking to give your charity or foundation a more personal touch, this guide will allow you to deliver your message without spending thousands.

You will need

  • Specific time and place
  • Volunteers
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Used cell phones
  • Goal
  • Script of questionnaire
  • Practice time

Step 1 Pick a time and location Pick a specific time and location where the volunteers can meet in one location and make call after call in comfort.

Step 2 Recruit volunteers Recruit volunteers by asking family and friends or people who have helped in the past. Offer incentives such as snacks and drinks to get more people to join.

Step 3 Collect phones Ask friends and family to donate their unused cell phones for the cause or have your volunteers use their personal cell phones if they have enough minutes.

Step 4 Set goals Set specific goals such as asking for a donation, answering questions about a candidate or event, or collecting information.

Step 5 Distribute scripts Distribute a script to follow during the calls, a bulleted list of points, or a questionnaire to guide each conversation.

Step 6 Practice Allow your callers to practice with each other and warm up, especially if it’s their first time, before turning them loose to spread your message.