How to Come Up with Great Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Try these clever ideas for getting stuff that will get you in good with your guy.


  • Step 1: Prepare a package Prepare a package with a number of related items. If he likes golf, you could give a new golf glove, a sleeve of balls, a golf video game, and a framed picture of him on the 18th hole.
  • Step 2: Make him something Make him something -- the ultimate gift that shows you care. Knit a scarf, hat, or sweater, bake his favorite dessert, burn a CD with his favorite songs, or create a board game based on his life. The possibilities are endless.
  • Step 3: Buy an experience Buy him an experience, like zip-lining or scuba lessons, or tickets to a play, a concert, or a sporting event.
  • Step 4: Get something unusual Get something unusual from somewhere unexpected like a vintage or antique shop, novelty store, or craft fair. Scour websites that specialize in the unusual or collector's items.
  • Step 5: Go high tech Go high tech with gifts and accessories like a cell phone, electronic book reader, music player, or video game player.
  • Step 6: Get personal Personalize your gift. Great options include a personalized poker set or a money clip engraved with his initials.
  • Step 7: Think classic guy gifts Think about gifts traditionally geared toward guys, like a classic shaving set or barbecue set. Better yet, splurge on a bottle of premium liquor or fine cigars.
  • FACT: A 2010 survey by the National Retail Federation found that the average man spends $135.35 on gifts for Valentine's Day while women only expect to spend $72.28.

You Will Need

  • List of boyfriend's interests and hobbies

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