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How to Sell Baked Goods Online

Mailing a pie across the country may sound a little wacky, but if you're a great baker, it's the perfect way to market your brand and move your pastry.


  • Step 1: Find your niche Study the demands of your customer base, and make the best product you can. Make a name for your company locally. Before selling a baked good online, know what your customers want and offer them something no one else has.
  • Step 2: Get certified Visit your local Department of Health and register as a baker. The FDA regulates food safety and nutritional labeling, so find out what laws and regulations you need to follow to operate your online business.
  • Step 3: Get a big freezer Buy a big freezer to store all your baked goods.
  • TIP: Store your baked goods at a local freezer facility if you don't have room or can't afford a big freezer.
  • Step 4: Dedicate staff to the online division Set aside staff dedicated solely to your online division. Have them packing baked goods in the freezer, filling orders, shipping orders, and providing great customer service.
  • TIP: Hire additional staff for big holidays.
  • Step 5: Perfect packaging Research cartons and packing materials to find the perfect packaging for shipping your baked goods. You want the product to be the best it can be when it reaches its destination.
  • Step 6: Get a good deal on shipping Work with couriers to get the best deal on shipping. Most baked goods will need to be shipped overnight, which can get costly. Shipping in volume is usually cheaper.
  • Step 7: Make a website Build a user-friendly website with pictures of the product, descriptions, shipping information and rates, information on what to do when the product arrives, contact number, and an e-mail address. The easier you make it for customers to order online, the more comfortable they will be ordering your baked goods.
  • FACT: The state of Massachusetts has a state muffin -- the corn muffin.

You Will Need

  • Big freezer
  • Online division
  • Shipping cartons
  • Packing materials
  • Website

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