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How to Test Your IQ

How does your level of intelligence measure up? You can take an IQ test online and find out if you're eligible to join Mensa.


  • Step 1: Find an IQ test online Find an IQ test online. There are many different IQ tests to measure different intelligence quotients.
  • TIP: IQ tests are scored by comparing an individual's results with the scores of other people who are the same age.
  • Step 2: Take the practice test Take a practice test. For a practice test, you are not allowed to use a pen and paper -- all the work must be done in your head. During the test, read and respond to a total of 38 statements in 13 minutes or less. If you take longer, you will be penalized; if you get through the test in less than 13 minutes, your score will increase.
  • Step 3: Account for language barriers Account for language barriers. If you take the test in a language that isn't your native tongue, your score will be lower than it would be if you had taken the test in your own language.
  • TIP: IQ tests for kids are usually administered by trained psychologists or teachers.
  • Step 4: Take the test again Take the test several times and average your scores to account for factors such as anxiety and misunderstandings. Drop your best and worse scores and average the rest.
  • Step 5: Understand your score Assess your score. A score of 85 to 114 is average and accounts for 68 percent of test takers. A score of 40 to 54 indicates a severely challenged test taker, and a score of 160 to 175 indicates extraordinary genius.
  • Step 6: Understand the purpose of IQ tests Understand that IQ tests are intended to determine an adult's true mental potential, unbiased by culture. Scores are compared to the scores of other adults who have taken the same test.
  • Step 7: Understand the limitations Know that actual intelligence is extremely difficult to quantify. Many critics contend that IQ tests are not guided by a plausible theory of how the brain operates, and they don't accurately measure what "intelligence" actually is.
  • FACT: Lewis M. Terman created the Stanford Revision of the Binet-Simon Scale of Intelligence in 1916, which became the United States' first standard intelligence test.

You Will Need

  • Practice test
  • Language skills
  • Score average
  • Score assessment
  • Trained psychologists or teachers (optional)

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