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How to Sell Collectible Action Figures

Dust off those old action figures and learn how to sell them to turn your hobby into cash.


  • Step 1: Know the value Know the value of your collectible action figure before you attempt to sell it. Many of these collectibles are worth a lot of money, and you do not want to sell it for too little. Browse the internet or pick up a price guide to identify a fair price.
  • Step 2: Sell at a store Sell your item to a local comic book shop, antique shop, or specialty store. This will probably get you the least amount of revenue for your item, but it is probably the simplest and quickest way to unload your action figures.
  • TIP: On online mapping sites, you can find your location and choose "search nearby" and type comics or antiques. The site will identify stores close to your location.
  • Step 3: Use an online auction Sell your item on an online auction site if you want a higher return. You must have an account to sell. Once you've signed up, follow the instructions to list your item. Remember, be honest about the condition -- you don't want angry buyers!
  • Step 4: Send your item Send your item out in a box with lots of packing materials if you've sold it over the internet. It's a good idea to purchase delivery confirmation and insurance.
  • Step 5: Collect the cash Now collect the cash. Make sure you receive the correct payment online. Now that you've made a little money off those action figures, how about giving yourself some grieving time with a nostalgic Star Wars movie night?
  • FACT: In 1963, the first G.I. Joe hit the shelves. The toy company, originally the Hassenfeld Brothers Co., now Hasbro, coined the term "action figure" to separate this toy for boys from the "dolls" made for girls.

You Will Need

  • Action figure
  • Internet access
  • Price guide
  • Online auction site account
  • Packaging

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