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How to Increase Mental Alertness

If you want to boost your mental alertness, try a diet rich in the vitamins and minerals necessary for cognitive enhancement.


  • Step 1: Get adequate nutrition Be sure to eat enough food so that you are adequately nourished, without eating so much that you become sluggish.
  • Step 2: Eat protein-rich foods Raise your alertness by consuming foods rich in protein. Protein is broken down into its amino acid building blocks during digestion. One of those amino acids increases the production of neurotransmitters known to increase levels of alertness and energy.
  • Step 3: Eat carbohydrate-rich foods Consume carbohydrates to help you feel relaxed, to reduce stress, and to help you avoid distractions. Eating carbohydrates cleans out all of the amino acids in your blood, except for the one that is converted to a neurotransmitter that produces a sense of clam.
  • TIP: Eat carbohydrates and proteins separately for maximum effect.
  • Step 4: Eat eggs Eat eggs to improve your memory and concentration. Eggs are rich in a vitamin B complex that is a precursor to the brain neurotransmitter linked to memory.
  • Step 5: Avoid foods high in fat Avoids foot high in fat. Fat can lead to fatigue, and when you're fatigued, your interest in mental alertness will be a distant second to your interest in taking a nap.
  • FACT: A 2010 study showed that rather than making regular coffee drinkers more alert, the caffeine from a cup of coffee actually just brings them from caffeine withdrawal back to normal.

You Will Need

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Foods rich in protein
  • Foods rich in carbohydrates
  • Eggs
  • Avoidance of fat

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