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How to Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out

Enjoy your dining experience knowing that you are making good nutritional decisions by using these healthy guidelines when eating out.


  • Step 1: Drink water Save calories by drinking water instead of high-calorie soft drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol.
  • TIP: A 32-ounce regular soda can contain 300 calories.
  • Step 2: Pay attention to portion control Pay attention to portion control. Take half the meal home, order a smaller portion, or share with a friend.
  • Step 3: Avoid fried foods Avoid ordering fried foods. Lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, or sirloin steak, that are broiled, baked, or grilled are better choices.
  • Step 4: Order high-fiber foods Order high-fiber foods, including whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to make you feel full longer.
  • TIP: High-fiber foods also keep your digestive system regular.
  • Step 5: Say "No" to the bread Say no to the bread basket. A bread basket can add over 500 calories to a meal -- even without the olive oil or butter.
  • Step 6: Get dressing and sauces on the side Ask your server to bring salad dressing and sauces on the side so you can use them sparingly.
  • Step 7: Resist the temptation Resist the temptation of ordering high-fat desserts. Order a cup of fresh fruit, or a cup of herbal or green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism. Making these few changes will save you calories the next time you go out to eat.
  • FACT: The average American eats 30 pounds of lettuce a year.

You Will Need

  • Water
  • Portion control
  • Lean meats
  • High-fiber foods
  • Control

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