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How to Get Mike "The Situation" Abs

Want 6-pack abs like _Jersey Shore_ star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino? Get started with these diet and exercise tips.


  • Step 1: Understand the situation Understand the situation: no amount of crunches or sit-ups is going to help you get The Situation's abs if you have excess fat covering your abdominal muscles.
  • Step 2: Lose the belly fat Lose the belly fat by eliminating empty calories from your diet -- processed sugar, saturated fats, and simple starches like white bread, rice, and pasta. The Situation advises drinking only water, and cutting down on salt.
  • TIP: Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Step 3: Do cardio Burn calories with cardiovascular exercise, like running, swimming, or cycling. To get The Situation's abs, he recommends doing cardio at least 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days a week.
  • Step 4: Get cracking on your crunches Tone and define the major abdominal muscles that make up the 6-pack by doing 3 sets of 20 to 30 crunches every other day. As you get stronger, add additional ab exercises, like leg lifts and the plank, and up the level of intensity.
  • TIP: The Situation recommends training your lower back on the same days you work your abs.
  • Step 5: Suck in your stomach Strengthen your abs with this breathing exercise: sitting up straight, blow all the air out of your lungs; then suck in your stomach as tightly as you can. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds as you breathe lightly. Do up to 3 sets every day.
  • Step 6: Take heart Take heart in knowing that once you finally get Situation abs, maintaining them will be a lot easier.
  • FACT: 60 percent of Americans worry about how their stomach looks when they have to put on a bathing suit.

You Will Need

  • Healthy diet
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Maintenance

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