How to Buy a Bed Frame

If you're looking to update your cozy nest with a new bed frame, this guide will give you the info you need to make the right choice.

You will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Personal style
  • Budget

Step 1 Choose wood or metal Choose either a wood or metal frame depending on your bedroom style and budget. Quality frames will use either screws or dowels instead of cheap staples.

Step 2 Measure height of mattress Measure the height of your mattress and box spring to judge how tall a bed frame you can purchase. Avoid getting something that is uncomfortably high.

Step 3 Consider possible storage Consider creating more storage under the bed with a higher clearance bed frame. Use a bed skirt to hide anything you don’t want seen.

Step 4 Pick a style Pick from a number of styles that include: canopy, four poster, sleigh, platform, day or trundle. Just don’t blow your budget or get something too big for the room.

Step 5 Test each bed frame Test as many bed frames as you can by laying down on each one with your significant other to discover any annoying squeaks or other problems.

Step 6 Save on a mattress Save more money in the long run by purchasing a mattress and box spring to go with your new bed frame from the same store. Then savor the knowledge that your room will look great while you sleep.