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How to Fake Side-Swept Bangs

Whether you want to change your look for the night or just see what you'd look like with bangs, use these tips to realistically fake a fringe without a trip to the salon.


  • Step 1: Part hair Part your hair horizontally about halfway between your forehead and the crown. The part should be about as wide as your forehead, with the hair in front of the part hanging straight down in front of your face.
  • Step 2: Lift hair Lift the parted section straight up in the air, holding it close to the roots. Let the ends of the hair dangle over your forehead.
  • Step 3: Adjust Adjust the length of the fringe by either lifting the hair higher or letting it down lower, with the ends of your hair now imitating the look of bangs.
  • TIP: Long, side-swept bangs will elongate a round face.
  • Step 4: Pin in place Pin the excess hair that you are holding in you hand with bobby pins. The excess hair will loop to one side on the top of your head. Sweep your new bangs down and to one side and adjust as necessary.
  • Step 5: Put on a headband Put on a wide headband or use a rolled up bandanna to cover the excess hair and bobby pins.
  • Step 6: Finish Finish off your new fringe with styling wax or molding cream. Rub it between your palms and apply it to your bangs, front and back, up to the roots. Finish with hair spray.
  • FACT: The word "bangs" is thought to to have come from the word "bangtail," referring to a short racehorse's tail.

You Will Need

  • Comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair band or bandanna
  • Styling wax or molding cream
  • Hair spray

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