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How to Get the Most Out of Getting Mad

Anger has gotten a bad rap! Processed properly, it can actually benefit you by motivating positive change.


  • Step 1: Don't suppress it Don't suppress your anger. Numerous studies have linked keeping anger bottled up with the development of health problems. This is especially true in marriage -- one study found that couples who stew in silence instead of having air-clearing fights nearly double their chances of early death.
  • Step 2: Channel your anger into action Channel your anger into action. The remark or behavior that sets you off is often indicative of an underlying problem, like low self-esteem or a dissatisfying relationship. Address the bigger issue, and the petty annoyances will take care of themselves.
  • Step 3: React strategically React strategically. Blowing up at someone isn't likely to rectify the situation, and will probably make things worse. Instead, take time to figure out a fair resolution, and then speak your mind calmly.
  • TIP: Force yourself to react more slowly and quietly than usual; angry people have a tendency to speak louder and faster.
  • Step 4: Become an activist If it's social injustices that have your blood boiling, channel that rage into action: join a political protest, donate your time to a charity, or organize your own philanthropic effort.
  • Step 5: Work out your anger by working out Take your anger-induced adrenaline and go for a run or hit the gym; you'll blow off steam and improve your health. Now that's how you get the most out of getting mad.
  • FACT: Our brains secrete norepinephrine when we're angry, a hormone that acts as an analgesic to numb our pain.

You Will Need

  • Introspection
  • Self-control
  • Positive action
  • Exercise

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