How to Win a Bodybuilding Contest

If all your hard work in the gym has failed to pay off during a contest, this guide will make each flex and pose a winner so you can walk away with some gold.

You will need

  • Time to prepare
  • Solid workout and eating plan
  • Mirror
  • Friend
  • Hair removal cream
  • Natural diuretics
  • Spray tan
  • Baby oil
  • Contest guidelines for poses (optional)

Step 1 Start early Give yourself between 10 and 12 weeks to prepare before hitting the stage. Follow a solid workout and eating plan as you obsessively strive for your bodybuilding goals.

Step 2 Adjust your schedule Adjust your daily schedule to make time for each trip to the gym and consume each meal when needed. Plan everything in advance and be prepared for conflicts as they arise.

Step 3 Practice poses Practice each of the major poses after your workouts in front of a mirror. Enlist the help of a fellow gym rat for a second opinion and better perspective.

Step 4 Reduce water consumption Reduce water consumption and stop tanning a week before the contest to avoid water retention. Drink natural diuretics like green tea and cranberry juice, which help remove excess fluids from your body, to look more ripped and vascular.

Step 5 Go hairless Go hairless with waxing, shaving, or use a hair removal cream a day or two before the competition so nothing covers your hard-earned muscles.

Step 6 Use spray tan and baby oil Use a spray tan the day of the competition for that extra dash of color. Slather on some baby oil to make each muscle shine under the bright lights as you strut your stuff.