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How to Plan a Mancation

When testosterone calls, it's time to round up your best buds and plan a mancation -- a vacation just for you and the dudes, where boys can be boys.


  • Step 1: Assemble your posse Assemble your posse wisely. Even the manliest of mancations can be ruined by "that friend." Don't invite the worrisome, wimpy, or whipped.
  • Step 2: Pick your trip Figure out what kind of mancation you’re in the mood for. If your crew lusts for danger, suit up and strap in for extreme sports or stunt lessons. For a calmer sporting option, hit the golf links.
  • Step 3: Plan an outdoors vacation Love the great outdoors? Make Mother Nature your exception to the "No Girls Allowed" policy, and bond over hiking, camping, or fishing.
  • TIP: If you want to rough it a little less, look for a campsite with bathroom facilities.
  • Step 4: Viva Las Vegas If you're jonesin' for a dose of debauchery, there’s only one place to head: Vegas, baby! Indulge your vices, and don't forget to take in a couple of "shows.'
  • Step 5: Raise a toast to Oktoberfest Like beer? Thought so. Consider making Oktoberfest your mancation destination. Munich's annual festival boasts lively music, carnival rides, and, of course, more beer than you can shake a stein at. Prost!
  • Step 6: Have fun Make sure to include at least 1 "buffer day" to recover from your mancation before heading back to work -- you'll need it. And no matter where you go, remember that it’s all about letting loose and bonding with your best buds!
  • FACT: Larry Meadows, a software company product manager, claims to have coined the term "mancation" in 2002 when a friend’s wife suggested that the men should get together more often.

You Will Need

  • Group of friends
  • Vacation time
  • Internet access
  • Sense of adventure

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