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How to Buy Window Treatments

Freshen up the look of your home with some new window treatments. By investing time and thought before you buy, you'll enjoy the results for years to come.


  • Step 1: Define style Define your home's style, whether casual, contemporary, or traditional. Buy window treatments that integrate into your overall decorating scheme. Browse through catalogs or magazines or visit your local home decorating store to identify looks that reflect your taste.
  • Step 2: Consider panels Consider buying drapery panels made from heavier fabrics for a formal look. Combine panels with sheers or valances to enhance the window style or to emphasize a room theme.
  • TIP: Buy window treatments made from lighter weight fabrics to create a sense of openness.
  • Step 3: Consider curtains Consider a purchase of unlined, lightweight curtains with rod pockets or tab tops for a casual look. You can also start with lightweight curtains and add elegant top treatments to create a sophisticated statement.
  • Step 4: Consider blinds Consider window blinds or shades made from wood, fabric, or plastic if you are concerned about privacy. Blinds also offer a higher degree of light control than other window treatment options.
  • TIP: Use a metal tape measure to size your windows before you order your window treatments, so that you are sure to have an accurate figure.
  • Step 5: Go halfway Use valances alone to cover only the top portion of a window, or in combination with other window treatments to make a fashion statement. To emphasize the view, try cafe curtains, which cover only the bottom half of the window.
  • Step 6: Purchase sheer panels Purchase sheer panels available in a variety of textures, colors, and styles. You can use these alone for light penetration, or in combination with other window treatments for extra flare.
  • Step 7: Choose complementary hardware Choose complementary hardware for draperies, curtains, and valances that accent the fabric and provide a finishing touch. Now that you've shown your good taste and decorating savvy, get your room ready to be admired.
  • FACT: In 2009, scientists discovered 34,000-year-old flax fibers, used by humans, in the Republic of Georgia. The fibers might have been used to make thread or linen.

You Will Need

  • Your home's style
  • Catalog
  • Home decorating store
  • Metal tape measure (optional)

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