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How to Practice At-Home Memory Loss Treatment

As you age, it is normal to experience some lapses in memory. Most of these lapses are not serious, and respond to at-home memory treatment.


  • : Consult your doctor if you experience loss of mental function, confusion, or decreasing alertness while performing any of these steps.
  • Step 1: Concentrate on the task at hand Concentrate on the task at hand. Often lapses in memory are due to having too much on your mind or multi-tasking.
  • Step 2: Adopt regular routines Adopt regular routines. Complete everyday tasks in the same order each time you do them.
  • TIP: Create a list of the tasks to consult if you're struggling to remember.
  • Step 3: Use memory aids Use memory aids like calendars, clocks, lists, notes, and daily planners. Store easy-to-lose objects in the same place each time you are finished with them.
  • Step 4: Use memory tricks Use memory tricks like repeating someone's name several times after you are introduced. Look for associations in strings of numbers like phone numbers to help you remember them.
  • Step 5: Find ways to reduce stress Find ways to reduce stress. Stress can impair your memory. Now you can practice improving your memory right at home.
  • FACT: People age 75 and older are nearly 4 times as likely to die in a home accident as people between 65 and 74.

You Will Need

  • Concentration
  • Routines
  • Memory aids
  • Memory tricks
  • Reduced stress
  • Doctor (optional)

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