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How to Choose Time-Tracking Software

If you own a small business, choose the right time-tracking software to help take control of your company's expenses and increase employee productivity.


  • Step 1: Know why you're buying time-tracking software Know why you're buying time-tracking software. Consider using it for increased employee productivity, payroll expense control, or time-billing accuracy for clients.
  • Step 2: Know about employee-tracking software Know about software that keeps track of employee leave or vacation time as well as who's working on what task. This can be especially important for a growing business.
  • TIP: Employee-tracking software can also keep track of labor time of subcontractors, as well as payments for materials per project.
  • Step 3: Know about client-tracking software Know about software like Tenrox that tracks client billing time on specific projects along with employee labor time related to each project.
  • Step 4: Consider stand-alone time-tracking software Consider stand-alone time-tracking software. It should integrate seamlessly with your other business software, preferably from the same developer.
  • Step 5: Know about web-based time-tracking services Know about web-based time-tracking services like actiTIME, updated through your browser or Smartphone. Compare free trials before subscribing.
  • TIP: Web-based time-tracking software should be compatible with your computer operating system, and your e-mail and other business software.
  • Step 6: Consider software suites Consider time-tracking software that is a module of accounting or business software suites like QuickBooks or Time Trader. Watch your bottom line improve after you get a handle on your time.
  • FACT: In 2007, the New York City Schools Chancellor fired a worker whose movements were tracked for months through his GPS-enabled employer-issued phone.

You Will Need

  • Employee time-tracking software
  • Client billing project-tracking software
  • Web-based time-tracking service free trial
  • Software suite with a time-tracking module

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