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How to Make a Braided Flower Princess Crown

Delight the heart of any girl with a braided flower crown you create yourself using her favorite posies.


  • Step 1: Pick flowers Pick a generous bouquet of flowers with bendable stems at least 3 inches in length to make a flower crown.
  • TIP: Daisies and clover are especially easy to make into a flower crown.
  • Step 2: Hold 3 flowers Hold three flowers in your hands, spacing the blossoms next to one another in a row but keeping the stems together. Then braid the stems.
  • Step 3: Add flowers Add a flower to the braid before you reach the end of the stems. Hold it with one of the stems and braid as though the two stems were one. Continue adding new flowers and lengthening the chain in this way.
  • TIP: Alternate flower varieties to enhance color, texture, and beauty.
  • Step 4: Check length Check the length needed to encircle the girl's head and continue to add flowers until the crown is long enough to fit.
  • Step 5: Complete the crown Complete the crown by weaving the end stems into the first flower stems, tucking loose ends into the chain.
  • Step 6: Add ribbons Add colorful ribbons by knotting them onto the chain to embellish the crown. Now, crown your princess and treat her like royalty for the rest of the day.
  • FACT: Ancient Greeks wore laurel leaf crowns as symbols of victory.

You Will Need

  • Handful of flowers
  • Ribbons

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