How to Use Dog Whisperer Tips on a Dog Who Barks Incessantly

Barking is a dog's way to communicate, but sometimes a dog can talk too much. Follow these tips from the Dog Whisperer to keep your pooch from barking incessantly.

You will need

  • Dog
  • Patience
  • Dog trainer

Step 1 Correct the dog consistently and repeatedly Correct your dog when they bark by giving them a stern look, making a loud, sharp sound, or physically touching your dog to distract them. Keep correcting if the dog starts barking again and do this consistently and repeatedly until they stop.

Step 2 Stay calm Stay calm while you are repeating the corrections. Don’t get frustrated, and don’t break away from the consistent correction. Know that your dog will pay attention and mirror your energy.

Step 3 Be assertive Be assertive in your physical posture. Focus your body and calm energy on blocking the dog from the stimulus that seems to be causing the barking. Concentrate and remain calm to let your dog know that you are in charge and that the dog doesn’t need to worry about the stimulus.

Step 4 Give your dog more exercise and activities Give your dog more exercise and mental activities to let them have an outlet for their energy. Take them on an uphill walk or a hike instead of the normal daily walk. Train your dog in herding or agility activities for mental stimulation.

Step 5 Consult a professional dog trainer Consult with a professional dog trainer if you aren’t able to control the bad behavior. Know that your dog — and your neighbors — will appreciate it.