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How to Take Great Pictures of Cats

Capturing your feline in the perfect pose may take some time and patience but the results will be worth the wait. Follow these tips to take print-worthy photos every time.


  • Step 1: Choose the correct aperture to blur a busy background.
  • Step 2: Get down on their level Get down on the same level as the cat. Avoid shooting your photos looking down at the cat.
  • Step 3: Capture personality Capture the cat's personality. If you have a fat, lazy cat, set up your photo session in their favorite napping spot. If your cat is younger and full of energy, add their favorite toy and take action photos.
  • TIP: Use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.
  • Step 4: Avoid using a flash Avoid using a flash. It may scare or distract the cat. Take the pictures using daylight.
  • TIP: It may be necessary to use a flash when photographing black cats because their black fur tends to absorb the light and the images will be underexposed.
  • Step 5: Catch them in the act Catch your cat in action. Try to be inconspicuous. If they are unaware of your presence, you will be able to capture the most natural images. Stalk your cat and when they are least expecting it, shoot away.
  • FACT: Cats are the no. 2 most popular pet in the U.S., coming in second to fish.

You Will Need

  • Cat
  • Camera

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