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How to Get Your Press Release Noticed

A bad press release can wind up in the circular file, but a great press release can give your business or organization the attention it deserves.


  • Step 1: Write the headline Write an exciting headline that jumps out at the reader and contains the main piece of news you're trying to convey.
  • Step 2: Give the details Give the details of your business or organization in the second paragraph of your press release. Use the opening paragraphs to specify the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your product.
  • Step 3: Make it relevant Tailor your press release so it's relevant to the media outlet you are sending it to, and to its audience. Simply advertising your product or cause won't get your press release noticed -- it needs to read like a news story.
  • Step 4: Show Show why your news is important, don't just tell. Write your press release in a way that makes it informative without making it sound like a grocery list of attributes.
  • TIP: Hire a marketing agency that specializes in press releases to write your press release.
  • Step 5: Include sources Include sources. A typical news piece uses a minimum of 3 unbiased, reliable sources.
  • Step 6: Put in quotes Put a couple of memorable quotes in your press release to grab the attention of the reader. Include at least one quote from an unbiased source.
  • Step 7: Check spelling and grammar Check the spelling and grammar in your press release. A misspelled word or an awkward sentence will make you look unprofessional.
  • Step 8: Format Format the press release properly. Put the phrase "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" aligned left and above the first paragraph. Align your organization's contact information on the right. End the press release with three hash mark signs. Write an effective press release and you're sure to get noticed.
  • FACT: America's first regularly issued newspaper, The Boston News-Letter, published its first issue in 1704.

You Will Need

  • Exciting headline
  • Details
  • Relevance
  • Sources
  • Quotes
  • Accurate spelling and grammar
  • Proper formatting
  • Marketing agency (optional)

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