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How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside

Find freedom from constantly changing the box with tips to get kitty to do her business outside.


  • Step 1: Move the litter box Move the litter box close to the door the cat will use to go outside. Show the cat the new location of their litter box. Keep the box there for a few weeks until they are familiar with the location.
  • Step 2: Add dirt and leaves Add some dirt and leaves to the box to introduce the elements of the outdoors to your cat's bathroom experience.
  • Step 3: Move the box outside Move the box just outside the door. Gently pick your kitty up and place them in the box, if they are hesitant to use it. Add more dirt and leaves to the box to blend in with the outdoor elements.
  • TIP: Consider adding a pet door to their exit door for easier access.
  • Step 4: Gradually move the box Gradually move the box farther from the door over several days once they're using the box outside regularly. This will get your cat used to being further away from the house.
  • Step 5: Remove the box Remove the box and sprinkle some litter on the ground in the place you want your cat to relieve itself. Once your cat is used to going outside, you may place a box indoors for those times when your cat doesn't have outdoor access. Now revel in the joy of not having the clean the litter box anymore!
  • FACT: The first cat litter, called Kitty Litter, was invented in 1947. Before that time, people used sand or ashes in litter boxes.

You Will Need

  • Litter tray and cat litter
  • Dirt and leaves
  • Patience
  • Pet door (optional)

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