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How to Give Good Directions to Your Wedding

The key to hosting a successful wedding isn't in the food or the dress -- it's having guests actually show up! Help yourself and your guests by giving them great directions to your big day.


  • Step 1: Ask the venue Ask the venue to provide you with directions. Often, the venue will have prepared printed directions that you can copy and include with your invitations.
  • Step 2: Test drive Take a test drive for yourself at the same time and day of the week your ceremony is to take place. Note heavy traffic, one-way streets, or anything else that can't be seen on a map.
  • TIP: Note landmarks along the route so you can provide extra detail in your directions.
  • Step 3: Include a map Include a map of the area around the venue with the directions so your guests can familiarize themselves with street names before they head out.
  • TIP: Include a picture of the venue so guests will know that they are in the right place.
  • Step 4: Provide contact info Find a willing member of your wedding party who will not be busy helping you plan and include their contact information along with the directions. If someone gets lost, they can call them.
  • Step 5: Bring copies If the reception is in another location, bring copies of the directions with you to the ceremony to pass out to anyone who may have forgotten theirs. Be confident that everyone will show up and enjoy your wedding.
  • FACT: Guests at Czech weddings traditionally throw peas at newlyweds after their wedding ceremony.

You Will Need

  • Printed directions
  • Test run
  • Maps
  • Bridal party member
  • Picture of the venue (optional)

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