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How to Flirt Scientifically

Looking to hook up, or maybe even fall in love? These scientifically proven flirting techniques will increase the odds that your seduction attempts succeed.


  • Step 1: Smile! If you're a woman with your eye on a particular guy, smile at him. According to research, a man finds a woman who smiles directly at him significantly more attractive than a woman who looks at him without smiling.
  • TIP: Body language like hair-flipping and lip-licking can also be effective.
  • Step 2: Get some groupies If you're a guy on the make, have a few female friends on hand who are willing to beam adoringly at you now and then. One study found that women are likely to find a man more attractive if they see other women smiling at him.
  • Step 3: Buy them a drink Buy the object of your desire a drink. The phenomenon known as "beer goggles" may be scientifically true: in one experiment, people who had been drinking found faces of the opposite sex 25 percent more attractive than their sober counterparts did, because alcohol stimulates the part of the brain we use to determine facial attractiveness.
  • Step 4: Make it about them Make the conversation all about them -- ask questions, show interest in their answers, use their name, laugh at their jokes, and flatter them. Psychologists who've studied flirting say if you can make someone feel good about themselves, they'll feel good about you.
  • Step 5: Demonstrate open-mindedness Let them change your mind about something. According to one researcher, people on a date find a person who agrees with them more attractive than a person who disagrees with them, but they find someone who switches positions to agree with them the most attractive of all.
  • FACT: In a study, men who chatted for just 5 minutes with a pretty woman experienced a temporary boost in their testosterone levels immediately after.

You Will Need

  • Smile
  • Female friends
  • Alcohol
  • Conversational skills
  • Open-mindedness
  • Perspective

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