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How to Have Hotter Sex

Sex life gone from sizzling to so-so? Raise the temperature with these passion tips, pleasure tricks, and lusty adventures.


  • Step 1: Squeeze in quickies Squeeze in a quickie whenever and wherever the mood strikes. The spontaneity, time constraint, and -- in some cases -- fear of getting caught, can help make sex hotter.
  • TIP: Save the candlelight dinners for date night, not sex night. Downing cocktails and digesting a big meal don't foster hot sex.
  • Step 2: Suck a peppermint Get your mouth minty fresh with a sip of peppermint schnapps or tea, or by chewing on a piece of peppermint gum or candy. Then kiss one of your partner's erogenous zones and gently blow on the spot. The combination of the peppermint and the air creates a cool sensation that heightens arousal.
  • Step 3: Find the A-spot Forget the G-spot. Instead, look for the A-spot, supposedly located a bit higher up in the vagina from where the G-spot is said to be located. Stimulating this point may increase pleasure for some women, which will make sex hotter their partners, too.
  • TIP: If she likes your cologne, spray a little of it on the sheets to increase her arousal.
  • Step 4: Be specific Whisper about specific details of your partner's body that you find irresistible. It's much more stimulating than hearing a generic comment that could be applied to anyone.
  • Step 5: Mute a porn movie Watch a porn movie on mute. You'll be stimulated -- and perhaps inspired -- by the action without being distracted by the corny plot and dialogue.
  • Step 6: Abstain from penetration Tell your lover you want to do everything in bed but penetration. Knowing you can't go there will make you both want it more -- and force you to get creative.
  • FACT: According to a study, women who stood on the equivalent of a 3-inch heel improved their pelvic muscle strength, which may help promote better orgasms.

You Will Need

  • Quickies
  • Peppermint drink or candy
  • A-spot
  • Specifics about your partner's body
  • Porn
  • Creativity
  • Cologne (Optional)

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